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Monday, November 2, 2009

Collaborative Portraits

Portraiture is inherently collaborative: a visual rendezvous between what an artist sees and intuits what a subject presents and allows. 

I'm embarking on a new Series of petrographs that will be determined as much by a subject's choices and preferences as by mine. 

Here is the equation: A viewer interested in becoming the subject of a portrait may get in touch with me via email ( I'll send the subject a series of short questions about his or her likes and dislikes, designed to help me select an environment and the items that I'll print. For instance: ocean, forest, river, city; leaves, feathers, shells, etc. The subject will then select several photos of him or herself, which I'll use to create an outdoor installation. The result--the collaboration--will be unique to the subject but filtered through my decision-making and the happenstance of nature.

Prices are negotiable, varying from a single portrait to a triptych. These images are from past collaborations.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Previews of New Work 

It looks like  a double-exposure, but it's not. I pointed the camera into a rubble-filled hallway at Overbrook, an abandoned mental hospital in New Jersey, and it caught sun streaming  through east-facing windows onto the floor, as well as the reflection of spring foliage in the window pane. More images from the Overbrook Series--to be printed on century-old slate roofing tiles from demolished hospital buildings--will come in Fall 2009.

The shadow of a dog: a photo of my dog Tenby, taken by my friend Annette Kling, printed on glass, cast on a lawn in strong summer sun. A shadow of a shadow of a dog...

Mary Series

I shot these pictures of my friend Mary when we were both in college (Brown University, '82). The petrographs are new, and I took these images in a Massachusetts river in Summer, 2009. Mary died of pancreatic cancer five years ago; this is the very beginning of my memorial to her...