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Sunday, June 3, 2012

NewOld Work
Hello Blogworld.
I'm still not finished with my Grand Canyon: AfterImage series, but I've recently been teaching myself PhotoShop with images from older installations, so I thought I'd post those. Ever since I began making petrographs and photo'ing them, in 2006, I've imagined presenting the finished work from the series in sequenes of images. Petrographs are all about flux and time and change, and the sequence, rather than one iconic image, captures that best.
So here are some finished compositions from installations I completed between 2006-2010: Mill River, Sandwich Beach, Storytellers Cairn, Fleeting Fossils, Tides: New Brunswick, the Menna Series, the Mary Series, Faces in Nature, and Ghosts of Overbrook. These are just a handful of finished compositions that I picked at random.

All of these images represent "artisiinal" (ha! I love that word--here it means, "crafted lovingly by hand in the darkroom") photographs that I scanned to digital files, except for the color Mary Series shots, which are digital originals.

The Grand Canyon images will follow...

Marys of the Northeast (2009)

Fleeting Fossils, Aisha's Image (2007)

Fleeting Fossils, Ghost Children (2007)

Tides, Marguerite in the Bay of Fundy (2008)

Sandwich Beach, Marguerite in the Storm (2006)

Marys in Pentre Ifan, Wales; Grand Canyon; Maine; Conques, France; Conques again; Grand Canyon again (2011)

Two Tenbys (2010)

Faces in Nature, Leaves (2009)

Storytellers, Ray Hicks Triptych (2007)

Fleeting Fossils, Spectrum (2007)

Marguerites, Mill River, Sandwich Beach, Bay of Fundy (2006-2008)

Ghosts of Overbrook, Windows (2010)

Fleeting Fossils Faces (2007)

Ghosts of Overbrook, Field Tree Triptych (2009-10)

Menna Elfyn (2010)

Ghosts of Overbrook, Three Trees (2008-09)

Faces in Nature, Triptych (2009)