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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Premier of 

Under Paradise Valley

went wonderfully well! I'm so grateful to my brilliant, adventurous, creative
actors and crew for creating two riveting, otherworldly 


Here's a link to the performance...

...and this is an image of the set.

What you won’t see is the introduction, which explains more about the repeated 
phrases you'll hear in the play. During the art installation in 2013, I asked viewers to stand behind windows printed with 18th century gravestone carvings, and hold captions that included lines from epitaphs, poetry, and from a book on New England stone carving. So, if  5 viewers stood behind the window printed with a carving from Phebe Pomeroy’s gravestone and chose the caption that read “Leaves Here Her Dust,” the character of Phebe in the play has to speak the words “Leaves Here Her Dust” five times. I strung all the choices together to create the play, and added dialogue to have it (mostly) make sense.


A page from the graphic novel -- this is what the play looks like in print.

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