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Monday, December 19, 2011

AfterImage Series

Post 14

At the end of July Marguerite and I rented a 200 year-old house in Harrington, Maine. Here's the house:

And here's the view:

And here's our dog, Tenby--then 14 and a half--enjoying herself in the seagrass (her 15th birthday is on January 11th)

This is where I got the idea of including grass as one of the backdrops for the pebble designs. It would legitimately represent a phase of the Canyon's development--when the area was covered in shallow seas, fringed with sea grasses, which later became an organic contribution to the limestone--as well as add color and texture to the photos. I thank the dog for the suggestion.

It wasn't so bad photographing the pebbles in sea grass during the day. Biting horseflies the size of small planes buzzed around, but I could more or less swat them away. The dusk shots, however, were a bloody a nightmare. Mosquitos swarmed, literally turning the sleeve of my neon-red rain jacket black, they were so dense, so that I had to cover myself head to toe. Still they swarmed around my face and I thought I'd go mad from the buzzing. That's why there aren't more twilight shots...Here are some:

World Clock, Twilight, Marsh Grass

After Image Twilight, Marsh Grass

And by day:

Canyon Clock, Marsh Grass

AfterImage, Marsh Grass

Finally, here are some of the petrograph pebbles, taken in the marsh grass, which incorporate semi-abstract shots of the landscape in which they were photographed:

We found the work of a couple of artists we really liked while we were in Harrington. Here are 2 of them:

Obadiah Bourne Buell:, and Philip Frey:

Have a look...

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