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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

AfterImage Series

Post 15

In real time, I'm writing this poised between Christmas 2011 and New Year's 2012: HAPPY HOLIDAYS, bloggers.

In blog time, it's still summer, and I'm in Harrington, Maine, working on installations of palm-size petrograph beach pebbles, printed with images of immense shadows thrown by rock formations onto the walls of the Grand Canyon.

In my previous post I showed images of the pebbles against a sea grass backdrop. Those photos were taken on the property of our rental house, which sat at the confluence of a tidal inlet and a bay. This group, shot on a sandy beach and at the tideline itself, was taken at the Petit Manan Wildlife Reserve in Millbridge, Maine. Getting to the refuge involved a 20 min. ride from our house to the parking lot, in the midst of blueberry barrens, and then a half-hour walk across granite outcrops and through a scrub forest to the beach. 

Lichen on the hike to the beach; and below, images of the beach that awaited

To see a set of semi-abstract photos of the beach, look to the lefthand column under "Normal Photos," and click on the image under "Normal But Abstract."

When I first envisioned this series, back in the artist in residence's living room at the Grand Canyon, I imagined taking the pebble shots at the beach, in sand and underwater. It made the most sense to me; I liked the idea of markers of hours--the Canyon shadows--brought to the beach where they would summon aeons--a memory of what the Canyon once was.

Here are some of the shots:

The above AfterImage shots were taken, respectively, in wet sand at the sea's edge and dry sand at the beach's perimeter; same with the ones below. In between the top shots is an AfterImage progression from the dry perimeter into the waves themselves.

And these are some of a the water shots...

I'm not particularly happy with the compilation below, but it gives a sense of progression, at least. I'll work on it...(These are all just working shots; I've really no idea yet what the finished work will look like...)

The pebble shot below was taken at Jasper Beach, an all-pebble beach near Machias, Maine. An snapshot of the beach follows...

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