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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Post 17

It's finally happened: I've caught up to myself in real time. The work and thoughts I'm posting are concurrent with the work and thoughts I'm doing. 

Last year this time I was preparing to go to the Grand Canyon as the January/February Artist in Residence. It was daunting and exciting and thrilling and frightening. Who knew I'd come away with the earth's shadows, and print them on Atlantic Ocean beach pebbles. Not me...

I was at the Canyon from 25 January to 15 February, 2011. So to honor that one-year anniversary, I will post one or two finished pieces of artwork sometime in that period. First, I have to do the finishing part...When I put new work up, I'll make an announcement on Facebook. And then that will conclude this series, which began (oh, to have picked a different date!) 11 September, 2011.

For now, I leave you with an image of the studio in the beautiful artist's apartment above Verkamp's Visitors Center...

And also a word of thanks to Rene Westbrook and the South Rim Artists in Residence Program at the Canyon. I'd hoped I could live up to the long tradition of artists who've lived and worked at the Grand Canyon, and be "inspired" while I was there. But my work turned out not to be the issue at all. The important thing was just being there, to receive the baton from the artist before me and pass it to the one that followed, keeping the chain of human wonder strong and unbroken. What an honor to be part of it. Wonder is where both stewardship and art come from. It's the wonder that matters.

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