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Monday, January 9, 2012

AfterImage Series

Post 16

Welcome to the BLACK AND WHITE post.

Up until I went to the Canyon I'd only shot petrographs in black and white, and did all the printing myself in the darkroom. (Not the developing; I hate developing. I have to thank Iris Photo, in downtown Northampton, for that.) But the Canyon residency inspired me to acquire an on-sale Olympus DSLR camera, which I've grown to love like a limb. There was so much nuanced color in the ashes, grasses, sand, mud, and sea shots that I fell in love with color, and took most of the AfterImage Series in it.

That said...I also shot black and white film with my ancient Minolta SLR, and this is the post of those images. I've yet to print any large-scale in the darkroom, but hope to sometime this spring--after I quit writing this blog! (They'll be posted eventually...)

So here's a gallery of black and white work of the AfterImage pebbles, printed with Grand Canyon shadows.
AfterImage undone by the tide

Canyon Clock--telling time sequentially through shadows--on Jasper Beach, Maine

I'm thinking of calling this "Ancestry." Does that resonate with anyone?

The World Clock: Time, Inundated

Stages of the World Clock

The AfterImage in ashes

AfterImages in Black and White Light: Dawn, Noon, Dusk

Whatever comes of this in the final, printed version, it probably won't look like this. I'm just messing around with my favorite, arrow-shaped shadow, playing with shapes, textures, ideas. If anyone has any thoughts, good or bad, don't hesitate to let me know!

Addendum, 13 Jan. 2012: I neglected to say when I originally put up this post that my idea for creating pebble collages came from my friend Annette Kling, from Mannheim, Germany. When Annette was visiting us in November she played around with the black and white pebble photos and created some cool idea that hadn't really occurred to me. So I promised I'd credit her on the blog, and then forgot!! So now I am...Thanks, Annette!

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